WIP Wednesday: It’s Done!

Modern Round Robin – Round 1: completed. Whew!

After a slight timeline set back Thursday (migraines will do that to a girl), I pushed through and was finished by late, late Friday night. Saturday, I talked my husband and girls into coming with me to the park to take some pictures. I think it turned out rather nice.


Later that afternoon I broke out my City Sampler blocks and whipped a few of them out. I hadn’t realized the last one I had sewn was at the end of March!




On Sunday my poor husband asked if I could please take a break from the sewing machine. I have my machine set up on a low sofa table in our family room and I seem to have a particular knack for using it at the exact moment he’s trying to listen to the television. We are in the midst of a True Blood marathon and the thrumming of my machine does not blend well with the goings on in Bon Temps. Thankfully I had discovered this site and had printed off dozens of 1.5″ hexies on cardstock. Using this tutorial  from The Zen of Making,  I tried a few with some scrap charm squares. I’m still not sure I’m doing it right. My mom had taken an English Paper Piecing class, so I’ll have to ask her for some more instruction.


This week I’ll try to tackle some more of these Tula blocks I have cut out.


For all you peeps in the US – have a great Fouth of July weekend! We’ll be celebrating the long holiday weekend with my family. Have a great week!


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How the journey started

Last year I lost my job. Don’t worry…I hated it. I’m on a temporary hiatus from finishing my education degree so I went back to work in customer service and loathed every minute of it. It’s hard to get behind something that sucks the joy out of existence, and being yelled at 100+ times a day about hospital bills did just that. But I digress …

I started thinking about quilting last summer and started pinning modern quilts on Pinterest. I told my mom I had an inkling to learn and she gave me my first real sewing machine for Christmas. (I tried quilting once before with my step-grandmother-in-law’s old machine, but didn’t have the drive to follow through).

M, my precocious 7 year old, has a stuffed animal obsession which includes raccoons in particular. I went online and searched purple raccoon for the hell of it and what do you think I discovered? “Accacia” by Tula Pink, which immediately peaked my curiosity. I started googling Tula Pink and found this

So, armed with my new book in my purse I started swinging my LQS on my way to pick up the girls from school, snatching 1/8 yd cuts as I worked my way through the first several blocks.

My first block:


Block #1

Thus far I have 60 blocks made and another 25 cut, waiting to be sewn. I’m currently taking a little break while I work on several other projects: a baby quilt for my new niece/nephew, a medallion for a round robin group I joined on Facebook, some improv pieces to practice my actual quilting stitches, and the border for my first round robin partner’s medallion.

Here is my progress so far on my City Sampler:


The first 55!

I can’t wait until this is finished. I have been able to score some OOP Tula fat quarters and splurged on her new Fox Field line to complete the remainder of the blocks. Now to just find the time…