Where has the summer gone?

Well, that was a brief hiatus and I apologize. It all started with getting a new iPhone and having no idea whatsoever on how to get WordPress to authenticate on it. We also took several short trips, I’ve had an amazing amount of stress at work, and now I think I’m ready to get back in the swing of things!

Random musings:

*I moved my sewing space and it has put me in a mental block the past two or three weeks. I have been working, slowly but surely, on the second round of our modern round robin. I am not at liberty to show pictures this time around to respect the wishes of the owner of this particular quilt. I envy being able to wait 12 months and be completely surprised, however I am too much anxious and impatient to be able to pull that off. I will say that the color pallete consists of blacks, grays, white, and lime green.

*I’ve also been busy on a quilty gift for my mom. Pictures to come! (I don’t think she’s discovered my blog yet)

*I discovered last night the beauty of a brand new rotary cutter.  It cuts like butter and made me giddy.

Back to work, but I’ll post more later.