Dress making for the munchkin

I was wandering aimlessly in a local big box fabric store in March and thought to myself, “Hey, if I can cut a straight line and sew two pieces of fabric together, shouldn’t I be able to make a dress for Mo? Of Course! How hard can it be?!?!” (Insert eyeroll here).  Taking my time to look through the pattern books, I picked out what I thought was the easiest pattern I could find. Seriously, it was one of those Sewing for Dummies patterns.

Excitedly, Mo begged me to start and make her something pretty. Who could turn down that request? So I began…

Rookie mistake number 1: I didn’t measure the munchkin before I purchased the fabric: a yard of Tula Pink blueberry raccoon. It was 4 inches too short in length. Ugh!

A quick trip to Walmart for fabric (don’t judge – Sunday, small town, cheap fabric to practice on) and Mo was a happy camper and excited for a new dress.


And the adventure begins!

Rookie mistake 2: starting a project of this magnitude when my go to seamstress is spending the week in Hawaii and is unreachable. Great timing! My mom owned her own custom bridal business when I was younger and could have answered all my questions if I only had the patience to wait a few days.

Oh well! A few YouTube tutorials later and I figured out how to decipher the pattern, sew gathering stitches, and correctly use bias tape. I fiddled around with the embroidery features on my machine and made a pretty decorative leaf design with variegated pastel thread around the ruffles and bib.

For a first attempt, I don’t think it’s horrible, but I think I’ll stick to quilting for now. Miss Mo loves it, however, and that’s all that counts.




2 thoughts on “Dress making for the munchkin

  1. How sweet this is. I am surprised at how different garment sewing is vs quilting. I grew up sewing clothes. They turned out ok but not perfect. Once I started quilting I found I loved it sooo much more than creating clothing. Not us why, but I enjoy it much more. Your daughter is thrilled and that is what counts. 😊👏👏👏👏👏👏

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