My Own Medallion

As I mentioned in my last post, I joined a round robin through a quilting group on Facebook in April. I am still plugging away at the first medallion I received but thought I’d share my center piece that is making the rounds with my fellow quilters.

My oldest daughter L is 10 and has had a fascination with foxes since she was 3 or 4. We purchased her a stuffed fox in preschool and she has loved that thing to tatters. Foxy is now missing his eye buttons, his ear has been sucked to shreds, and his fur is worn to the nub. But he still remains her beloved nighttime companion.



In the last year, she has added Foxy Jr and Foxy the 3rd to her menagerie. We also have a mama red fox that lives in the brush surrounding the creek in our backyard. The girls have named her Ruby and she comes out occasionally to forage the neighbors bird feeders and sun herself by our swing set.

When I was browsing Pinterest early this year I fell in love with this beautiful quilt and the cross stitch block stood out to me as a must try.

I began by gathering up as many oranges as I could find. The blocks were incredibly easy to piece and Mr. Fox came out just as I hoped he would. Each block finished 3×3″ and the medallion itself is 30×33″.


He was sent to my first partner, Myrth at Goose Bags and Gifts. Please head to her blog to check out the whimsical and fantastic progress she has made with him. After she has completed her work on Mr. Fox, he will be sent off to each of the other 4 quilters in our group for 2 months at a time. I can’t wait to show you the finished product a year from now! I’ll definitely keep the blog updated as I get progress reports!





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