Welcome to the madness

A welcome post seems lame but necessary, so here it goes!

My name is Jessica. (Howdy!) I’m 35, have been married for 14 years to my hubby Matt. We have two beautiful daughters, L and M. I am a lifelong Iowa girl and I’ll say I’m proud of that. We have three cats: an old curmudgeonly black cat – Hawkeye, a neurotic and persistent Siamese – Powder, and another little black cat who has her own agenda – none of which includes being cuddled – Tiana.


The tubby jerk know as Powder

I have always been an artsy and imaginative person. I have a background in music, in fact my husband and I met in college singing in the same Madrigal choir. He was such a pain in the ass back then, lol! I still have my beautiful baby grand piano that sits untuned and is more of a cat perch and My Little Pony play area than functional instrument, but I’m still proud of it.

I grew up with sewing in my blood, but couldn’t be bothered with it myself when I was younger. My mom is an accomplished seamstress and quilter and my aunt is well known for her beautiful cross stitch skills.

I took up cross stitch in college to keep my hands busy and my mind busy (when my OCD and anxiety were sky high). I picked out a beautiful angel holding a lyre, the symbol of my sorority Alpha Chi Omega.

Angel of Hope – Lavender & Lace 13

She took me a year to complete and remained unframed until the fall of 2012. I donated her to a benefit auction for a family friend, where my mom proceeded to start a bidding war with a pastor’s wife and gifted her back to me for Christmas. One of the best gifts to date!

This past year I decided to start quilting. I’ll get into that journey in another post though. This blog is mainly to document my journey as a quilter, sewer, and stitcher, as well as other random musings as they strike me. So, if you’ve stuck through all of that… Welcome!


One thought on “Welcome to the madness

  1. Looks like we both started blogging on almost the same day! It’s a fun way to record your journey as well as make these virtual quilting friends. Welcome!

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